Celestion 5" Replacement Speaker for Yorkville 7405 / U15 Speakers 8Ω

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The Celestion 5" Replacement Speaker for Yorkville 7405 / U15 Speakers

Celestion speakers have been powering the sound of rock music for over half a century. Musicians worldwide rely on Celestion speakers for their fantastic sound and exceptional reliability. Whether it's the speaker in your guitar amp or a replacement PA speaker component, Celestion tests each speaker series rigorously to make sure you're getting a great-sounding speaker that's built to last. When you need great sound that's ready for serious use, you can count on Celestion speakers.Celestion pulled out all of the stops when making this neodymium-powered 5" full range speaker. Not only is its frequency response ultra-linear, the size makes it perfect for use in high fidelity home audio, pro audio, and mobile audio applications.


  • 5" mid-range driver providing 91dB sensitivity and 30Wrms (AES standard) power handling.
  • 1" high temperature copper voice coil wound on polyimide former for increased reliability
  • Very compact model suitable for use in 3-way systems
  • Optimised to deliver detailed reproduction of mid-range frequencies
  • Closed back chassis simplifies cabinet manufacture, eliminating need for separate mid-range enclosure


  • Nominal diameter: 127mm/5in
  • Power rating: 30Wrms
  • Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 291dB
  • Frequency range: 400-4000Hz
  • Voice coil diameter: 25mm/1in
  • Chassis Type: Pressed steel
  • Magnet Type: Ferrite
  • Magnet Weight:0.37kg/13oz
  • Coil Material: Round copper
  • Former Material: Polyimide
  • Cone Material: Kevlar loaded paper
  • Surround Material: Treated paper
  • Suspension: Single


  • Overall Diameter: 136mm x 151mm/5.35in x 5.94in
  • Overall Depth: 68mm/2.68in
  • Cut-out Diameter: 117mm/4.61in
  • Mounting Slot Dimensions: Ø 4.5mm/0.18in
  • Number of Mounting Slots: 4
  • Mounting PCD Range: 140mm/5.5in
  • Unit Weight: 1.2kg/2.6lb

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