Eighteen Sound / 18 Sound 12MB700 – 12" Mid-Bass Woofer

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The Eighteen Sound 12MB700 – 12" Mid-Bass Woofer

The 12MB700 is a very high sensitivity (101.5 dB 1W/1m) midbass driver with high power handling capabilities. The 12MB700 can be used as either a bass/mid driver in compact 2-way reflex enclosures or as a direct radiating or horn loaded, dedicated midrange driver, in multi-way touring and fixed installation concert and arena systems. Its curvilinear paper cone made from a special high strength wood pulp, has been designed to achieve the best possible linearity within its intended frequency range and to control bell-mode resonances around the cone circumference. The cone is carried by a multiroll suspension formed of a linen-like material, which is more resistant to aging and fatigue than traditional materials. The 75 mm diameter state-of-the-art voice coil is similiar to those fitted to our top-of-the-range 18" and 15" models but it is wound with aluminum wire. It employs our Interleaved Sandwich Voice coil (ISV) technology in which a high strength fiberglas former carries windings on both the outer and inner surfaces to achieve a mass balanced coil. This results in an extremely linear motor assembly with a reduced tendency for eccentric behavior when driven hard. The excellent performance capabilities of this loudspeaker are further enhanced by the Double Demodulating Rings (DDR) designed to dramatically reduce the intermodulation and harmonic distortion and improve transient response. The magnetic structure has been optimized using FEA CAD resource, maximizing the flux density in the voice coil gap. Voice coil cooling has been achieved by incorporating airways between the chassis back plate and the top plate of the magnet, allowing heated air from the voice coil and gap to be channeled away and dissipated by the chassis basket. Due to the increasing use of high power audio systems at outdoor events or in marine environments, the ability to perform properly under inclement weather conditions is a key feature in Eighteen Sound philosophy. Hence, an exclusive treatment has been applied to the cone giving it water repellent properties. In addition, another special treatment has been applied to the top and back plates making the transducer far more resistant to the corrosive effects of salts and oxidization.


  • Nominal diameter - 457mm / 18in
  • Power rating - 450W RMS
  • Nominal impedance - 8 Ohms
  • Sensitivity - 101.5dB
  • Frequency range - 60-5000Hz
  • Voice coil diameter - 75mm/3in
  • Chassis type - Cast aluminium
  • Magnet type - Ferrite
  • Coil material - Round copper
  • Former material - Glass fibre
  • Cone material - Glass loaded paper with weather-resistant impregnation
  • Surround material - Cloth-sealed
  • Suspension - Double
  • Xmax - ±4.5mm
  • Gap depth - 9.5mm/0.37in
  • Voice coil winding width - 25mm/0.99in
  • Magnet weight - 3.1kg/110oz.


  • D 0.33m/12.99in
  • Fs 42Hz
  • Mms 41.0g
  • Qms 4.7
  • Qes 0.2
  • Qts 0.19
  • Re 5.0 Ohms
  • Vas 101.0L
  • Bl 17.8Txm
  • Le (at 1kHz) 0.9mH


  • Diameter: 12.4"
  • Overall depth: 5.79in
  • Cut-out diameter: 11.1in
  • Mounting slot dimensions: 0.4in x 0.27in
  • Unit weight: 18.3 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 19.8 lbs

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