Klipsch Titanium Diaphragm for K-72 K-74 K-75 K-76 K-79 K-83 K-84 K-85 K-88 K-90

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Brand New Klipsch RF-5 Aftermarket Titanium Diaphragm

Klipsch RF-5 speakers and more. Klipsch tweeter part # K-119-KB & 129086.

K-72, K-74, K-75, K-76, K-79, K-83, K-84, K-85, K-88, K-90, K-100, K-105, K-119, K-124, K-152N, K-71-H, K-72H, K72K, K-72K, K-72-K, K-74-K, K74, K75, K-75-K, K-75K, K-76-K, K76, K-79-K, K79, K-792-KP, K-80-K, K80, K-81-K, K81, K-82-K, K82, K-83-K, K83, K-84, K84K, K-85-K, K85, K-89, K89, K-89-KV, K-93, K93, K 93, K-93-KNW, K93KNW, K 93 KNW, K-97, K97, K-97-KV, K97KV, K-792-KP, K792KV, Chorus, Chorus II, Chorus 2, 129507, K73, K-73, K-86, KG1, KG2, KG-2, KG2.2, KG-2.2, KG3.2, KG3.2, KG 3.2, KG3.5, KG-3.5, KG4, KG-4, KG-4.2, KG4.2, KG4.5, KG-4.5, KG-5.2, KG5.5, KG-5.5, KLF-10, KLF10, KM6, KM-6, KLF10, KLF20, KP250, KP-250, KP301, KP-301, KP362, KP-362, RS7, RS-7, FORTE II, K105K, K-105K, K109, K-109A, Heresy II, KSF 8.5, KSF 10.5, Quartet, Tangent 10, Tangent 20, Tangent 30, Tangent 40, Tangent 50, 3910, 3910D, 129036, 127103.


  • Diaphragm Diameter: 2.188" (55.58mm)
  • Voice Coil Diameter: 1" (25.4mm)
  • Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
  • DC Resistance: 6.2 ohms
  • Dome Material: Titanium

With quick-disconnect terminals for easy replacement!

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