LASE 12" Replacement Woofer for JBL 262H / MRX512 M Series

Sale price$189.00


LASE 12" Replacement Woofer for JBL 262H / JBL 262H-1 @ 8 Ohm

Suitable for applications in the following cabinets:

  • JBL MRX 512M
  • JBL MRX 512Mi
  • JBL MD 522 Series

This is a 12" differential low-frequency replacement transducer for JBL MRX 512M, MRX 512Mi, & MD-522 series cabinets. This speaker is capable of reproducing full-bandwidth sound at high levels - due to its neodymium magnet and dual voice coils - which perform better than conventional designs and produce less distortion at a fraction of the weight. Features a 305mm (12 in) differential transducer and integrated woofer with dual 2”(50.8mm) voice coils.


  • Nominal diameter: 12"
  • Power handling (max): 300 watts
  • Nominal impedence: 8 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 97 dB 1W/1m
  • Shipping weight: 8.0 lbs

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