LASE Replacement Screw-On JBL 2415H, 2416H, 2417H Driver 8Ω

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A LASE Compatible Aftermarket Replacement Screw-On JBL 2415H, JBL 2416H Driver @ 8Ω

This drivers Replacement : JBL: 2415, 2415H, 2415H-1, 2416, 2416H, 2416H-1, 2417, 2417H, 2417H-1

For the following JBL cabinet models: G-730, G730, G-731, G731, G-732, G732,G-733, G733,G-734, G734, G-791, G791, MI-261, MI261, MI-291, MI291, MI-630, MI630, MI-631, MI631, MI-632, MI632, MI-632A, MI632A, MI-634, MI634, MR-802, MR802, MR-805, MR805, MR-822, MR822, MR-825, MR825, MR-826, MR826, MR-835, MR835, MR-838, MR838, SR-4722, SR4722, SR-4735, SR4735, SR-4738, SR4738, SR-4722A, SR4722A, SR-4735A, SR4735A, SR-4738A, SR4738A, SR-4722X, SR4722X, SR-4738X, SR4738X

  • Diaphragm 44mm, 1¾" titanium with diamond pattern suspension
  • Voice coil 44mm, 1¾" diameter edgewound aluminium ribbon
  • Frequency response 800Hz~20kHz ±3db
  • Sensitivity 110dB 1w (2.83V) 1M (3.3ft)
  • Power capacity 50w continuous above 1kHz 18dB/oct HPF
  • Impedance 8Ω
  • Weight 5lbs

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