Original Factory RCF M83 Genuine Diaphragm - RCF N350, ART 300 Driver 8 Ohm 44mm

Sale price$69.99


Brand NEW Original Factory Genuine Replacement
RCF M83, RCF N350, RCF ART300 Diaphragm 8 Ohm

Do not confuse this diaphragm with the RCF ND350, CD350 it's not the same.

*Please verify that the diaphragm you are trying to replace matches the images and specifications provided in this listing.*


  • Voice Coil Diameter :44.4mm
  • Diaphragm Material : Polymer
  • Impedance : 8 Ohm
  • Overall Diameter : 72mm
  • The Center Distance Of The Two Post Terminals : ~78mm

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