Replacement 1" Compression Bolt-On Driver B-52 COMP-4CLB 8Ω

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Replacement 1" Compression Bolt-On Driver B-52 COMP-4CLB 8 Ω 75W

*Please Make Sure That The B52 Driver You're Replacing Is A Bolt-On (Not A Screw-On)*

This HF driver uses FEA optimization on its moving parts as well as its magnetic circuit. The result is extreme efficiency, high power handling, and very low distortion.This Driver is capable of delivering stunningly clear, hi-fi quality output, but at the explosive sound reinforcement levels demanded of pro loudspeaker systems.


  • 1" exit, ferrite magnet compression driver with 1.75" edgewound copper clad aluminium voice coil
  • 40W rms power handling (AES standard) and 110dB sensitivity
  • Sound Castle™ clamping ensures even pressure on diaphragm assembly for reduced distortion
  • One piece PETP diaphragm and surround
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) used to optimise both magnet assembly and acoustic design.

• Power handling: 75 watts RMS (AES standard)
• Recommended min. crossover: 2,200 kHz, 12 dB/octave
• VC dia: 1.75"
• Impedance: 8 ohms
• Frequency range: 1,200-20,000 Hz
• Sensitivity: 110 dB 1W/1m
• Mounting (flange): 2/3 x M6 holes on 3/2.24" PCD
• Dimensions: 4.7" dia. x 2.2" depth
• Net weight: 5.1 lbs

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