Replacement 220V Power Supply for Yamaha PA30, MG16, MG166CX/206, F4/F7 6FX Y6M6

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Please Note This is a 220V Input Power Supply Adapter
*Not for use in the USA*

*Also available in 110/120V Input AC Power*

NEW! Compatible Aftermarket Replacement AC Power Supply for Yamaha Power Supply WE524200

For Yamaha PA30, MG16, MG166CX, MG166C, MG206, MG206C, F4/F7, 6FX, Y6M6, MG102c, MG124c.


  • Mixing console power adapter with 3-Pin Din Connector: 1 & 3 pins--17V, 2 pin--GND.
  • Input: 220V, 50Hz 24WA; output: AC17V 600mA 20VA.
  • Designed with transformer, providing more stable voltage to your mixing console.
  • Replacement Power Supply for Behringer, Mackie, Alesis and other mixers with 3-pin power connector.


  • Input: 220V, 50Hz 24WA
  • Output: AC17V 600mA 20VA
  • Plug: 220V Europlug
  • Prong Connector: 3-Pin Din Round connector
  • CB-Type Cable Length: Approx. 2 meters
  • Item Weight: 590g / 1.3lb 

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