Replacement Diaphragm for EAW CD-3502 P/N 803042, EAW 15410081, 15510083

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Brand NEW ! Aftermarket Replacement Diaphragm 
For Mackie EAW CD-3502, P/N 803042, EAW 15410081, 15410083, EAW 803033

EAW 8 ohm diaphragm  used in CD2521; DM2521; CD3501; CD3502; SM122E; M83 803042 ;15410083; N350 ASR660' CP466 ;CP499 ;DC3 ;DC6 LA460; MK2126E; MK2165E; MK2196E; MK5126E; MK5164E; MK5166E; MK5164E. Also Renkus Heinz CD18XX-8 ;SSD18XX-8 ;CD1802-8 ;SSD1802-8 ;CD1803-8; SSD1803.

Please verify the diaphragm you are looking to replace matches the images and specifications provided in this listing.


  • Voice Coil Diameter:  1.75" --44 mm
  • DCR:  5.0 ohms
  • Nominal Impedance:  8 ohm

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