Replacement Power Supply RANE RS-1 for Rane Products AC22B,MP24Z,GE130 & more...

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New ! Compatible Aftermarket Replacement 110/120V Power Supply Adapter To Fit All RANE Products with Phone Jack Connector. (Red RJ12)

RANE Digital Delays
  • AD 22d Dual Channel Audio Delay
  • AVA 22d Dual Channel Audio to Video Alignment Delay
RANE Paging Processors
  • CP 64 Commercial Processor
  • CP 52 Commercial Processor
  • DA 26 Multi-Zone Distributing Paging Processor
Rane Distributing Amplifier 
  • DA 216a Distribution Amplifier
RANE Line Splitter Mixers
  • SM 26B Line Splitter/Mixer
  • SRM 66 Programmable Splitter/Router/Mixer
  • SM 82 Stereo Line Mixer
RANE Mic / Line Mixers 
  • MLM 42 Mic/Line Mixer
  • MLM 82a Mic/Line Mixer

RANE Preamplifiers 

  • MS 1b Microphone Preamp
  • PS 1 Phono Preamp
  • AP 13 Acoustic Instrument Preamp
  • DMS 22 Dual Channel Microphone Preamp

RANE VP 12 Voice Processor

RANE Club Mixers 

  • MP 2016a Rotary Mixer.
  • XP 2016a Processor.
  • MP 24z DJ Mixer.
  • MP 22z DJ Mixer.
  • MM 8z DJ Mixer.
  • MP 2 Compact Mixer.
  • Rane Performance Mixers :
  • TTM 56 Performance Mixer.
  • TTM 54i Performance Mixer.

Dynamic Controllers 

  • DC 24 Dual Channel Gate/Expander/Compressor/limiter.

RANE Crossovers 

  • AC 22 / 22B Active Crossover
  • AC 23 / 23B Active Crossover

RANE Graphic Equalizers 
GE 130 1/3 -Octave & GE 215 2/3-Octave Graphic Equalizer.
GE 30 1/3 -Octave Graphic Equalizer.
RANE PE 17 Parametric 5 Band Equalizer.
RANE RA 30 Realtime Analyzer/VU Meter/SPL Meter.
RANE THX 44 Home Cinema Equalizer.
RANE THX 22 Stereo Equalizer.
RANE SSE35 Home Cinema Equalizer.
RANE HC 4 4 Channel Headphone Amplifier.
RANE HC 6 6 Channel Headphone Amplifier.

This Power Supply Adapter is Compatible to all the Above Rane products with RED RJ12 (phone jack style) power connector that are designed for use with the RS1 or RS2 supplies. NOT for use with Rane devices with the BLACK (phone jack style) power connector.


  • Input: 110V, 60Hz 24WA
  • Output: AC18V 750mA
  • Plug: US AC3 Prong
  • Connector: Phone Jack
  • Cable Length: Approx. 2 meters
  • Item Weight: 590g / 1.3lb 

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