REPLACEMENT Upgrade JBL 2412H Neodymium High Driver JRX / SF Speaker Cabinets 8Ω

Sale price$49.99


A REPLACEMENT UPGRADE Aftermarket Neodymium Driver
For JBL 2412H, JBL 2412H-1 High Frequency Screw On Driver

This is a brand new, Aftermarket Replacement Neodymium JBL 2408H-2 Driver Modified to Fit many JBL models. Models include JRX 112, 115, 125, PRX, SF, and some TR, Mpro & EON models. Replaces JBL 125-10000-00X.This is an exact fit, drop-in Complete Driver with Polarized quick-disconnect terminals for easy replacement.
JBL 2412H, 2412H-1 high frequency driver used in JRX, Sound Factor, TR, MPRO & More
  • JRX112
  • JRX112M
  • JRX112MI
  • JRX115
  • JRX115I
  • JRX125
  • SF12
  • SF12Mi
  • SF15
  • SF15i
  • SR25
  • Control 321
  • Impedance - 8 Ohm
  • Standard - 1 3/8" Screw-On Driver
  • Metal Frame Diaphragm
  • Diaphragm Dome Materiel - Titanium

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